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Famous Game Roulette: Rules and Strategies

Roulette is one of the famous games in casino. It has some rules and strategy.  First, the athlete must know that the roulette wheel is different in Europe and America. So they always have to look at what wheel they are playing on.


In general, European Roulette wheels have 36 numbers and 1 zero. If this is the bike you are playing with, remember that the obstacles to you are bad – 2.7% overall gain at home. On the other hand, in the United States there are 36 numbers in one zero and one double zero. Therefore, these wheels are called double zero wheels. On dual zero wheels the obstacle to you is very bad, because they provide an overall benefit of over 5.25% to your home.

Indian roulettes are available in most casinos around the world. Such a wheel can be turned upside down. American style roulette reads from zero to double zeros from outside to inside.

If you are an early novice, you need to know how much you pay. But there are some basic flaws in the roulette game. Please read our guide carefully before starting play.

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First of all, there is a big difference between roulette and other table games offered at the casino – there is no monetary value in roulette chips. Typically they are categorized by number of related tables. In addition, the chip defaults to the minimum table.

If the player wins, he will be paid the same colored chips unless he tells him that he pays his prize to the standard casino chip.

The roulette table is also special, it has 6-8 sets of chips painted in different colors, and each set has 300 chips.

I always start by checking the number of zeroes on the wheel. Typically, numbers from 1 to 36 are displayed alternately in red and black, but zeros are often displayed in green.

You are advised to find a casino that offers one zero bike. This is because these rules provide better value for money.



And always check the minimum and maximum bets that are always displayed somewhere in the table. Some casinos offer fewer betting limits, but there are those who require a relatively high minimum bet. Be careful when you make your choice.

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