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Different Methods to Play Roulette

There are many different methods that will help you to play roulette easily. Keep you eyes on these methods before playing roulette.

Method 1: Play the game

1. Using the table: Everyone takes the minimum and maximum betting details of the table. For example: “Between roulette minimum bets $ 5 minimum bet $ 5 Usually, your maximum bet will be lower because you pay a lot.

Each table also has a light emitting board on the previous number the ball landed on. You can see that it is very likely to repeat the number, repeat it, but it does not work that way. For each spin, the difference between the numbers remains unchanged. This is a ball like the same wheel every time.

See action: There is no intention for roulette. This is pure and simple luck. There is only one setting for each number displayed … usually.

Sometimes there is a habit of a trader. You can release the ball at almost the same angle and speed during a given session. When the dealer leaves the ball, the same number is passed each time, increasing the likelihood that the ball will be repeatedly placed on the same section of the wheel.

Bicycles can be wrong. However, the casino can see this well. It is virtually impossible to determine if the balance of the wheel is broken until it has been monitored for thousands of times.

3. Deliver your chips to the dealer: In Europe or France this person can be called “Cruppy”. Roulette does not play regular casino chips. If so, how do you know someone at risk? Each person receives a specific color to distinguish the book value. Even husband and wife should be apart.

You can get your chip in another currency. When you deliver your chip to the dealer, he asks you which price class you are using to set your chip. If you are at the table with a minimum of $ 5, you can earn $ 1 or $ 100 (or somewhere in between). Once determined, add the chips to the rails and display the values ‚Äč‚Äčrepresenting the colorful chips.

The outer roulette chips of the roulette wheel are not worth it. When you are ready to leave the table, you place all the remaining roulette chips on the table and tell the dealer you are paying. He or she will pass you a generic casino chip.

Knowing the round process: After the dealer cleans the table and pays the winner, the game starts the next round. He takes time to relax and decide to bet on everyone. And he throws a ball into the ball and has time to do it. The merchant is not gambling now! When the ball is lowered
When the ball is stable, the dealer places the marker on the winner’s number (or chip). Gene Betting will be removed first and paid to the next winner. This process is repeated again.


Once you know the overall method of playing roulette, the better you play the roulette game at your own.

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